Squirrels Childcare started in 2013, as a home based Childcare provider with Owner and Company Director, Melissa Swain. Over the years the company has blossomed into what it is today, including two Day Nurseries, Wrap Around Care, Holiday Club and Training Provider. Our settings are warm, nurturing and family focused. We strive to provide the best care to very child in our settings, watching them grow and learn through real experiences and play. Throughout our team we have a wealth of knowledge and experience looking to welcome you and your little one into our family.


From the onset you will be asked to complete an ‘All
About Me’ questionnaire and this is regularly reviewed to incorporate changes to your child, development points and discuss how you would like certain aspects of their welfare to be met. An on-going discussion, both informal and formally, through the sharing of information and success our relationship will grow and develop. All parents have slightly different values and principles and we know you want the best for your child, so we spend a lot of time communicating and building up this relationship. Following on from the first visit we arrange a ‘settling in’ period. Together we set dates and times for you to re-visit and stay to play for a short time; depending on the timescales, we then plan the first visits where your child will stay.


We will give you daily feedback, both verbally, and for our youngest children written in daily diaries; and/or using our electronic system, Baby days. This shows an outline of the activities, events and any other experiences in that day. This is a place where you can leave messages and communications, should it be more personal notelet or just a reminder.We use technology where possible to keep in constant communication with you and your family. Please keep posted on the Squirrels Facebook pages for regular updates and communications on the current news articles, events and messages. We also have a website, twitter, parent/carer whatsapp group and email where you can see up to date links to planning and even photos


Your child’s learning journal is always available, anywhere, anytime through our electronic system: Baby days. Your parental involvement in their development is a vital part of the planning,
learning and development process. We ask you to complete a short questionnaire; giving us your current feedback on what your child has been learning, your thoughts and ideas for future learning and
how you may support this at home. The more information we share the better we can provide for your child together! The monthly newsletters support the ethos of our parent partnership. We update you with events coming up, the successes we have had since the last letter and any further dates and ideas pending in the next term. our weekly “Friday message” give you links for home learning and weekly reminders of what is ahead.